Oops. . .


“Oh! my darling, you’re still so young; what do you know about love,” she said. “You’re just being naive; you’ll understand as you grow older.”

Years later at a dinner party someone asked him what he thought about love, “I was in love once, but then I grew up,” said a voice so deep, with much discontent.

“Ah! a love gone sour? You’re still so young, it will happen again,” she said.

“Really?” He paused. “I mean, you really think so?” he asked.

“Why not? Love is love, you don’t know when it strikes,” she said.

A moment of silence dawned upon the room. . .

And just like that, he walked out to catch some fresh air.

It’s funny we’re in disbelief when it happens, or overwhelmed. Scared to accept or scared to live it. When it’s there we may take it for granted, but when it’s gone, often or not we crave for it. New, old or futuristic, that’s what it does come down to.

Rings a bell? Missing your first ‘LOVE’? A word so diverse, a feeling so intense; a love that was pure. No malice, no expectations, limitless and dreamy?

Yes, that kinda love. The first time you stepped foot in a park, first time you played a sport, first time you made a friend, the first time you kissed. The first book you read, and the first time you chose your favourite subject, to the first time your eyes met. More often then none, you’ll find people ‘distributing gyaan’. Not like they’re in a good space but they want you to be the ones to guide and give you a little nudge for a better tomorrow. The art of letting go is difficult, but its also key to moving on. Agreed. Logical, practical and philosophical; but can someone give me a key to implementation?

Time they say heals everything, and as you grow older you realise it’s true. Several instances made of people and things around us; sometimes good, sometimes bad; take us back in time to rejoice our purest choices. .if only I held onto my belief, if only i didn’t let the world decide, if only I was stronger to fight back and not give in. .If only. . .

“But where to from here my darling?” asked the inner voice.

I have been where I was. . and then I got lost. A little evolution, a little revolution, not much acceptance but an escape route. Easy as that maybe, but it isn’t. The perseverance to commit to oneself, to a profession, a goal, a mission, a lover; takes courage, coupled with certain ups and downs that may just shake you up in the process.

The learnings, always good, and important. Experiences memorable or not sometimes, but the way you rise, and yes my dear you don’t go lower than that. You rise and shine like a diamond in the sky; because you survived the turmoil, you’re sure of what you are. Grow, evolve, mature but don’t let the world decide. Differences or similarities, it’s the heart that gives you light. Ask your head to listen while the heart speaks, because sweetheart love speaks no boundaries — compatible or not, cross cultural or not, his past/ her last, there yet or not; when you don’t reason and just go with it, just like you did the first time you dribbled a ball at the court, you will find a way, you will find peace and solace.

Forget the pain, don’t regret. Move on and live. Remember how much it hurt the first time you fell off the bicycle? Did you refrain from going back? No. So, learn and forgive, go back if you must or put yourself out and be sure of what you want and who you are. Fall in love again, decide with no rationale but pure passion, because everything else fades away; if the passion sustains then it shall all fall in place. Profession, personal or relationship pick your love and rekindle. But, listen to the heart. . .

Kiss kiss 🙂

Ekta Marwaha

June, 2015


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