Do we have a mind of our own?

Do we have a mind of our own?

I often wonder who determines a trend. Who decides that a peplum dress is in vogue, and green tea helps in ‘weight reduction’? I mean isn’t that why so many around seem to be daunting the dress and sipping those countless pots of tea? Do we really like red velvet and macaroons? I remember this particular incident a while back when these two yuppies walked into a patisserie and straight towards the dessert display—“abbe ye toh cheeni ke bataashe hain, bade meethe hote hain”. And, let’s not make fun of them we know how shitty the macaroons here taste. The red velvet on the other hand made a stellar debutant performance in 2013. So many takers but all fakers! Do you even know how that damn thing must really look, taste and feel? Except for a few home bakers in the city, I don’t know one place that makes it right. But then again, it’s the ‘inn’ thing, so everyone must eat.

In the year 2014, it suddenly became cool to be a ‘foodie’, but mind it—we love to eat ‘healthy’. And, no, a foodie doesn’t mean that you savor and understand what you chew or that you have a fine palate. It means gobbling down anything that’s cooked, overcooked or in-between. If a restaurant is ‘trending’ we must love the food (even if the appetizer lacked character and foreplay), we must all take a picture, be self proclaimed critiques, and wait for it #foodie #foodgasm #yummers #mustgotoauntymomo #instagram. Such is the apathy of my city.

Anyway, did you hear about ‘Crain Bedi’ joining the #@$ political party? Well, of course not. It wasn’t on instagram, dude! But, hey, it was trending on fb and twitter. And the patriots that we all are—informed and active, we must share our viewpoint on social media. So, regardless of the fact we vote or not, we must opine because everyone does so. If the year 2000 was about anti-Modi, then 2014 was certainly for Modi. I mean common, not like we know ‘left’ from ‘right’ or the ideology of any party, but if everyone’s on his side, he must have some ‘swag’, right?

Health and fitness—for starters, yes they are two separate entities. One of the biggest dilemmas of this country, and we say so why? Because we love fads and fats! A friend who understands health and fitness like none other explains how it needs to be scientific and person specific. At first, I wondered what that meant, but then, hey! If everything we do is customised to taste—food, clothes, fashion, and even personal computers; then even tailor made diet charts and exercise sheets make sense! What if my body needs more carbs that yours? But, science and logic is something we refrain from, isn’t it? As a nation, more than hard work and perseverance, it’s faith and fortune that keeps us going. Think about it, “sab toh kismet ka khel hai.

It’s Friday evening, and ‘car-o-bar’ is so passé, so let’s go sip some wine because it’s what everyone around is doing. So what if we don’t know our whites from reds, dry from sweet? “Get me the finest bottle of white.” Who cares is its chenin blanc, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, or what you say?

“Travel is the way to grow,” and that’s profound. Of course it’s enriching, the experience is wholesome and it helps us understand the history and culture of different geographical locations. But, do it only when you can, and not on plastic money, because everyone else is doing so. Travel, explore and travel more when you can. Earn your travel, live your escapades, observe, breathe and grow.

Read, it’s essential. We have a brain that needs to be exercised and fed with information. Exercise, because we are meant to exert. Talk, have no inhibitions, we are social beings. Do not hold back. Live, forget all rules. Breathe.

And no, it doesn’t just end here. I can go on ranting about my frustration as an ‘Indian Youth’. I love my nation, and I really do. But I take no pride in our collective ignorance, hypocrisy, lack of enthusiasm, the culture of instant coffee and satiation. What happened to knowledge, finding ourselves, science, logic, values, and other things we once stood for? Struggle, sweat and toil? To all those reading this or snoring away, please take time out. Not for me, but yourself. Think. Think. Think. Introspect. Work. Act. Do something. Make it worth a living.

-© Ekta Marwaha

January 18, 2015



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